35-year-old freelance photographer who realised he needed a career change after 11 years of working in retail. Since leaving Manchester and moving to London to pursue his dream, Dean now works with renowned brands such as Puma, Coach and Chanel-to name a few.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dean two years ago at an influencers event in London, where he was one of the guest speakers. Back then, I felt really unsure about my career, I worried that my chances of making it into the fashion industry were minimum as I am not graduating from a top fashion university. However, after listening to him, I realised that it isn’t about a degree or university, it is about how driven the individual is. The amazing thing about Dean is that his humbleness has remained intact throughout his journey. Watching him grow has been so inspiring that it seemed necessary to share his story with others.

AP: What inspired you to pursue photography? 

Dean: With working in retail I’ve always been interested in how brands portray their lookbook and styling. Also, I am an avid reader of certain sites such as Hypebeast & Complex and the photography element of brands caught my eye.

AP: What challenges did you encounter when changing careers? 

Dean: The main challenge was keeping motivated and to never stop knocking on doors, but passion creates drive so I was determined to do my best to make this transition work.

AP:Would you recommend moving to London if wishing to pursue a creative career? 

Dean: London has changed me completely. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Being surrounded by so much talent and so many like-minded people has given me such a drive. There is a lot of creativity in the city and I’m constantly inspired.

AP: What advice can you give to others wishing to follow the same path as you?

Dean: Best advice to someone starting out is work hard at your craft. Never stop and try and push out your best content. Networking is also key.

AP: Your photography style is very natural and tends to convey a lot of emotion, how do you achieve this? 

Dean: When taking a portrait, I like to make the subject feel at ease. Have a laugh with them, get to know them. I feel most comfortable letting the subject be natural and do their thing. That’s when I get the best out of them.

AP: What inspires your photography style?

Dean: Music is the main source of my inspiration. The style of music I listen to changes on a daily basis so I guess it’s the mood of the music that I’m listening to, it can influence what I want to shoot or even how I edit it.

I also gain inspiration from other photographers. Instagram is a great source for this as there is so much great talent out there. Inspiration is everywhere.

AP: What are your future goals? 

Dean: Photography is a constant learning curve. I’ll never reach the top as I’m always chasing that. That’s the fun in it. I hope to be working on bigger campaigns and I want to improve my skills in studio photography.

To see more of his work, follow Dean on Instagram


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